Is It Possible To Win Pokies

Pokies are known as the oldest games to be ever played and because of that, several myths and theories have been created and spread about the games. The nature of the games has been a point of contention for so long and whether really a player can make a profit from the games. For that reason, the online pokies are getting a bad name irrespective of the ever growing demand for gambling and addiction. The truth however indicates that a very small percentage of players actually comprise of problem gamblers; in fact 3.2% of the entire gambling population according to Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre in Canada. Another research report indicates that the total revenue from gambling stands at $ 13.75 billion a year. This is relatively too much expenditure compared to the 3.2% of the problem gamblers. The spending on gambling thus talks a lot about the possibility of winning slot machines among other casino games.

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Safest Online Casino Payment MethodsSince the introduction of slot machines in 1891, the games have over time evolved and changed to become better in terms of payouts and features in general. The early payouts were actually beer and cigars but now people win thousands of dollars. Brooklyn, New York was the first place where this gambling phenomenon was first introduced by Sittman and Pitt before Charles Fey came up with the first commercial machine few years later with 3 reels and five symbols having a maximum jackpot paying out ten nickels. This game made the rounds for quite some time before a new jackpot was struck later in the years. The jackpot demanded a complicated combination to win making many players lose a lot of money trying to get the combination. This resulted in people labeling it a Bandit for stealing money from the players. Later on electronic slot machine was invented which was referred to as money honey because of the payouts players received for getting the right combination.

For a long time now since the invention of slot machines, the games have been a favorite for millions of gamblers across the world. Actually the slot machines were viewed as the poor man’s gamble in many parts of the world more especially in North America but the games have gradually risen in popularity to become the best games of this generation. This is through more especially after the invention of Random Number Generation Technology that predicts the symbol to appear next on the slot machine window. This feature also predicts the amount of payout to be won by the player unlike the initial weights that were placed on any of the reels in favor of the casino thus taking a lot of cash from players. The introduction of this technology has greatly evened the field of play for players to win real money while spending less. This however does not mean that the casinos do not reap any money over time. Casinos get money when some players deposit some money and leave for other machines or when players lose in a bet.

Playing slot machines today is a lot better with a payout percentage above 80% and pre-programmed for their payout rates. Casinos can thus change the payout rates of their machines upon changing a chip in the machines. There are several types of casinos offering different payouts depending with the wagering amounts; those with a penny to a quarter have less payout rates while those with more than one dollar have higher payouts.  Ask many of the players and they will tell you that a five dollar machine has the highest payout of up to 98%

The RNG technology assures players of real cash winnings. If you have been in a dilemma on whether to participate or not, it is now assured that you can win big with slot machines. With simple strategies and tips in place, the possibility of winning big in slot machines is very high. Some players have over time built a steady income by just playing slot machines. What many players get wrong is placing a large sum of money in online pokies in the hope to make more money by winning the jackpot. The best strategy to win big in slot machines is therefore applying the low risk betting strategies and understanding the RNG technology perfectly.

If you are thinking of taking part in the slots machine games, the RNG technology and not aiming at a large jackpot will help you win a lot of cash in the end. Small wins are crucial to take to the other level of winnings which is definitely what you are aiming for. For the question whether it is possible to win slot machines, the answer is simply “YES”.

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